FAQ’s – Sarah Donohue Defence Lawyer Sarnia


Q: How much does it cost to retain your firm?

A: Retainer fees are based upon the complexity of the matter and the financial situation of the client. An initial retainer fee is required up front and covers all pre-trial matters up to the start of trial. Fees are then based on the length of trial and the nature of the overall representation required.

Q: Do I qualify for Legal Aid?

A: A lawyer is usually unable to make a determination whether or not a person qualifies for legal aid. The client service centre at : 1-800-668-8258 can usually answer this question.

Q: Will I go to Jail?

A: Most persons assume that if convicted of a crime that they will go to jail. This is not the case. All available options other than custody must be explored and will be explored if you decide to hire Sarah Donohue to represent you.

Q: I can’t pay the retainer up front- can I do a payment plan?

A: Yes. Payment plans are available on a weekly or monthly basis.

Q: When my case goes to court, will my name be in the local paper?

A: Unfortunately, and frustratingly, Ms. Donohue has no control over what goes in the paper and what doesn’t. She can try to make sure that positive things are highlighted by the local press.

Q: It is my first court appearance- will my trial start then?

A: No. The first court appearance is for you to appear, confirm your identity and to “get the ball rolling.” It is extremely advantageous to contact a lawyer BEFORE your first court appearance so she can appear with you. She will guide you through the rest of the process.

Q: If I am convicted, can I cross the border?

A: It depends. The USA has the right to deny you entry if you are convicted of a “personal injury offence.” They determine this definition and it runs the gamut. Really, it depends on how forthright you are with the border guard and if the border guard is feeling generous or not. There are other mechanisms to help you cross that the office can help you with if you run into difficulty.

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