Drug Offences – Sarah Donohue Defence Lawyer Sarnia

Drug Offences

Ms. Donohue has an extensive knowledge of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the drug “subculture” in the Lambton County. She is directly involved with support groups that assist recovering addicts. She also has connections with in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres province wide. Further, she is a community advocate that continues to push for a detox and drug rehabilitation centre in the city.

Most drug cases involve a person’s right not to be detained and searched arbitrarily. Ms. Donohue combines her experience with working on Charter cases with her extensive knowledge of illicit substances to put the best defence forward.

She understands addiction terminology and is continually educating herself in the topics of biochemistry in the brain, the effect of childhood and early trauma on addiction, and the correlation between poverty and addiction in Lambton County.

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