Criminal Code Offences – Sarah Donohue Defence Lawyer Sarnia

Criminal Code Offences

Ms. Donohue has defended all persons accused of-

Sexual Offences

Being charged of a sexual assault can be disastrous to one’s livelihood and reputation. Ms. Donohue is a vigorous advocate that puts the needs of the client first. She gets all supporting evidence and makes sure that her clients are fully knowledgeable and prepared before they enter the courtroom or witness box. She goes through practice cross-examinations and reviews her trial plan with the client before court appearances.

Theft and Fraud

Identity must be proven to be convicted of these offences. Ms. Donohue goes through the evidence painstakingly to ensure that all elements can be proven before “taking the deal” that the Crown has proposed.

Impaired and Dangerous Driving

These are complicated offences that require much background work and knowledge of the science involved. Ms. Donohue can list the requirements needed for a successful defence and has used her own personal time to read and re read the leading legal authorities on impaired driving. She also has a direct line to leading experts in the field that she can consult to ensure that all possible outcomes are covered.

Serious and Minor Assaults

Were you provoked? Were you acting in self-defence? Was it a consensual fight? These defences and more are explored when you hire Ms. Donohue as your advocate.
Ms. Donohue has defended persons of all genders, sexual orientation, ages and nationalities – including American citizens.

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