I’ve been put on probation…what now?

I’ve been put on probation…what now?

After being convicted of a criminal offence, the prosecutor will often ask that you serve a period of probation.
There are two types of probation:

  • Non-reporting
  • Reporting

Type 1: Non-reporting

When put on this type of probation the court is basically telling you to behave for a year and don’t get into trouble.

Sometimes if you are charged with multiple other people, or there is an identifiable victim to the offence the probation order will say that you cannot contact those individuals either directly or indirectly.

  • Directly – calling them up on the phone, texting them, emailing them, messaging them on Facebook etc.
  • Indirectly – getting someone else to do the above on your behalf.

Once you are done in court you must go down to the Court Office (on the first floor beside the elevators), tell them who you are and that you have a probation order to sign. They will prepare it for you and then you sign it, Always keep a copy of it in your wallet.

Type 2- Reporting

If you are put on a reporting order of probation, after signing your documents at the court office- getting a copy and putting it in your pocket, the FIRST thing you must do is report at the probation office.

This is easy in Sarnia as it is right in the same parking lot of the jail.

You will be assigned a probation officer and the conditions of the order could be any or all of the following:

  • Reside where directed by your probation officer
  • Report to your probation officer when directed
  • Do not associate with co-accused persons or the victim directly or indirectly
  • Take counselling (where they will take attendance)
  • Do not do drugs
  • Do not have drug paraphernalia (stuff to do drugs with)
  • Follow all other Family Court Orders
  • Do not have or use electronic devices (rare)
  • Do not attend parks or places where children could be present (rare)

Unfortunately, when imposing the conditions listed above your probation officer is the one with all the power. If you and your probation officer do not get along- it is possible, but not easy, to switch to another.

Mostly just play ball with the team and finish it out. This will work in your favour.

For example:

On your probation order it reads “Report to probation today and when directed by your probation officer”

  • You report to probation after your court matter is completed.
  • You are assigned to a certain officer in the office and you make sure you don’t miss appointments.
  • Based on your good attendance, you have to report less and less until not at all.

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