The Victim Fine Surcharge

The Victim Fine Surcharge

You can thank Stephen Harper for this one. 

What is it?

If you are convicted of a crime you have to pay an “administrative fee” to the supposed victims of the offence. Personally, I think it is doubtful that such money goes to victim services, but I stand to be corrected.

How much?

If you receive a fine as part of your sentence, it will be 30% of that fine. For example- receive a $1500 fine? Pay $450 for the surcharge bringing the total up to $1950.

  • If you are convicted of a summary offence, it will be $100.
  • If you are convicted of an indictable offence, it will be $200.

This is completely unrealistic for most individuals in the criminal court system as the majority of them are living in poverty. Judges in this jurisdiction will sometimes be creative and impose “a modest fine” in respect to the offences. For example- $1, making the surcharge 30 cents. Well done local bench.

Let’s hope this gets repealed with the Liberals now in power.

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