Sarah Donohue Lawyer

Sarah Donohue Lawyer

Sarah Donohue is a local Sarnia, Ontario lawyer who is ready to assist you. Sarah helps individuals who face criminal charges and prides herself in providing expert knowledge and experience in navigating the complex Canadian criminal justice system. Providing compassion to her clients, Sarah Donohue is a lawyer that is professional yet aggressive, giving Sarnia residents access to knowledgeable lawyer services. With a history of successful legal arguments and appeals, Sarah has had success in criminal litigation and provincial offences litigation.

Sarah Donohue’s Professional Experience

Sarah Donohue attended the University of Windsor Law School and participated in volunteering for the local Legal Aid Clinic before becoming an established lawyer. Sarah was also published in the Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues and was a clerk for the Supreme Court for a work placement in the Northwest Territories, where she also worked with Indigenous populations.

Sarah Donohue has vast experience in front-line mental health services and has an established history of working with patients at a high-risk mental health facility, including at-risk children and youth. Sarah brings rights-focused justice to all individuals and has experience with socioeconomically dependent populations, assisting those who want to secure Sarah Donohue as their experienced lawyer.

The Donohue Impact

Sarah is a lawyer who advocates aggressively, known to complete her own investigatory work to view the full picture, including going to the source to obtain surveillance footage and attending the “scene of the crime” to receive first hand knowledge and ensure the best chance for a positive outcome is found. Sarah’s advanced efforts have shown a history of a large number of acquittals, and have even led to criminal charges laid against a member of the Sarnia police force.

Sarah Donohue Is Waiting For You

Sarah Donohue can be reached by telephone, e-mail, or via Facebook. All message responses are received within 24 hours and court presentations are also timed with care, ensuring maximum impact.

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